About Heather 


Heather Black is an Actress for Professional Television, Commercials and Film. She is also a model for Print and Digitals. A Creative Director for Real Estate Investments, Small Business and the Arts. And a prior Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams Realty; And the previous Sales Coordinator for Final Draft, Inc.


Cast in her first National Commercial at just 2 years old, Heather Black’s career began early. Growing up in Los Angeles she pursued theatre, art and design. At University she studied Acting & Directing, Fine Arts, Design, and French. Receiving her Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts with an Option in Acting and Directing from California State University Long Beach.


As a newly-graduated Actress, Heather taught herself HTML code and began branding, managing, & building her own web sites. While pursuing Professional Acting, she also began working as a Production Assistant in Hollywood in Television and Film. Throughout the years she has also worked for many major corporations, including being brought in as a consultant to help enhance business practices. 


Heather has also worked professionally as a copywriter in Los Angeles and has had multiple articles published Online and in Magazines.